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Straylight Run

Frogtoon Music - Biografía de Straylight Run

Straylight Run banda fundada por el ex miembro de Taking Back Sunday, Jhon Nolan, en Long Island, Nueva York. En estos momentos se encuentran sin firmar después de ser bajado de República Universal Records. Su último álbum de larga duración se titula The Needles The Space.

Tags de música para Straylight Run

1) Emo 2) Indie 3) Seen Live 4) Alternative 5) Rock

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Mejores Temas de Straylight Run

1) Existentialism On Prom Night 2) The Tension And The Terror 3) Mistakes We Knew We Were Making 4) Another Word For Desperate 5) The Perfect Ending 6) Tool Sheds And Hot Tubs 7) Dignity And Money 8) Sympathy For The Martyr 9) Your Name Here (sunrise Highway) 10) Now It's Done 11) The Miracle That Never Came 12) The Words We Say 13) Hands in the Sky (Big Shot) 14) It's For The Best 15) Soon We'll Be Living In The Future 16) A Slow Descent 17) Still Alone 18) Take It To Manhattan 19) How Do I Fix My Head 20) Who Will Save Us Now 21) This Is The End 22) Buttoned Down 23) Cover Your Eyes 24) We'll Never Leave Again 25) Later That Year 26) The First Of The Century 27) For The Best 28) It Never Gets Easier 29) I Don't Want This Anymore 30) Mistakes We Knew We Were Makin 31) With God on Our Side 32) Its For The Best 33) Your Name Here (Sunrise Highwa 34) Costello (B-Side) 35) Your Name Here 36) Untitled 37) Straylight-Run-Now Its Done 38) Try 39) Hands in the Sky 40) hot tubs & Toolsheds 41) Track #12 42) I Know It Hasn't Been Easy 43) i don't have the time 44) Waiting On the Weekend 45) I'm Through with the Past (But the Past Isn't Through with Me) 46) The Words We Say (Acoustic) 47) Wait And Watch 48) I'd Be Lying 49) Soon We'll Be Living In the Future (Acoustic) 50) It's Everybody's Fault But Mine

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