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Life of Boris

Frogtoon Music - Biograf�a de Life of Boris

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Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Mejores Temas de Life of Boris

1) Parking Lot 2) Red Roubles 3) The vodka cooled PC 4) Top 19 reasons you should get a Lada 5) How to squat like Slav 6) What is Gopnik? 7) Cooking goulash for whole crew 8) Top 15 things to do while quarantined 9) Slav pronouncing U.S. states 10) Cheeki Breeki Hardbass 11) Cheeki Breeki Hardbass 2 12) Intro 13) The build 14) I tried making Baklava.. accidentally made THICCLAVA 15) i'm leaving.. 16) Life of Artyom 17) ARTYOM'S BIRTHDAY PARTY 18) Russian potato salad with ANATOLI (САЛАТ ОЛИВЬЕ) 19) SLAV KING - Boris vs. DJ Blyatman 20) Cooking with chainsaw 21) Cooking with splitting axe 22) Why Slavs wear Adidas 23) Top 7 Slav hangover cures 24) How to make black bread 25) Birthday cooking with Soviet waffle iron 26) How to cut watercooling tubes 27) Rules of build, components 28) Most searched Boris facts 29) Three slav options of cooling 30) Introduction 31) First test with fan 32) Second test with watercooling 33) third test with vodka cooling 34) good morning 35) FOREIGN MEASUREMENTS COOKING 36) Why Slavs Squat 37) Installing vodka cooling 38) The last Boris fan mail 39) Playing GTA4 after 10 years 40) How Slavs go camping 41) RAIDING ALOONA'S SUBREDDIT 42) ARTYOM IS BACK! Happy 3rd birthday 43) Boris reveals 5 new facts + Q&A 44) First boot, on thermal paste 45) Installing watercooling 46) Japanese for Slav チーキ・ブリーキ・イブダムケ! 47) Testing on thermal paste 48) Practical Russian lesson with Boris 49) I broke my promise.. FAN MAIL IS HERE! 50) top 30 questions

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