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Laurent Perez Del Mar

Frogtoon Music - Biografía de Laurent Perez Del Mar

Laurent Perez del Mar started playing the piano at a very early age. He studied music at the Conservatoire and majored in composition. On top of his musical curriculum, he also studied medicine and became an MD. With music his first calling, he moved to Paris where he was very quickly scouted by major advertising agencies (Publicis, TBWA, Ogilvy, Young&Rubicam to name a few) and started working with them. After scoring more than twenty short films and forty commercials (Bronze Lion in Cannes for BETC Euro RSCG) along with various TV shows

Tags de música para Laurent Perez Del Mar

1) Soundtrack 2) Instrumental 3) Composer 4) 00s 5) France

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Mejores Temas de Laurent Perez Del Mar

1) Flying with the Turtles 2) Love in the Sky 3) L'au revoir 4) The Girl 5) Despair 6) White Hair 7) She Is Dead 8) The Red Turtle 9) The Tsunami 10) I Will Stay with You 11) The Baby 12) The First Raft 13) Baby's Fall 14) The Dream 15) The Fall 16) He Has to Go 17) I've Found Dad 18) Where Is She? 19) Second Raft 20) Anger 21) I Kill Giants 22) Barbara 23) Move over the Light 24) Gift of Gold 25) Karen 26) The Forest 27) Giants 28) Everything Is Gonna Be Alright 29) Under The Water 30) Come Prima - Bande originale du film 'Dalida' 31) Mum 32) Por El Amor De Yolanda - Bande originale du film 'Dalida' 33) Fight The Forest Giant 34) Searching For Her 35) Another Giant Is Coming 36) Jarabe Tapatio 37) La carrière 38) Jarabe Tapatio - Bande originale du film 'Dalida' 39) Come Prima 40) Thousand Times 41) I Have To Go 42) The Forest Giants 43) Por El Amor De Yolanda 44) Le départ à l'école 45) Ora o mai più (Pour Juliette) 46) Zarafa Heya 47) Les enfants dorment 48) The Sea 49) Le miroir 50) La montagne blanche (feat. Zap Mama)

Frogtoon Music - 50 Mejores Albumes de Laurent Perez Del Mar

1) La tortue rouge (Bande originale du film) 2) The Red Turtle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 3) I Kill Giants (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 4) (null) 5) La tortue rouge 6) Dalida (Bande originale du film) 7) Carole Matthieu (Bande originale du film) 8) Les Invisibles (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 9) Maintenant ou jamais (Bande originale du film) 10) Pourquoi j'ai pas mangé mon père (Bande originale du film) 11) Tout là-haut (Bande originale du film) 12) Zarafa 13) Les Invisibles 14) A Loucura Entre Nós (Fernanda Vareille's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 15) Le mystère Henri Pick (Bande originale du film) 16) Loulou, l'incroyable secret (Bande originale du film) 17) I Kill Giants 18) Mon garçon (Bande originale du film) 19) Zarafa (Bande originale du film) 20) Mme Mills, une voisine si parfaite (Bande originale du film) 21) La confrérie des larmes (Bande originale du film de Jean-Baptiste Andrea) 22) Dalida 23) Antigang (Bande originale du film de Benjamin Rocher) 24) The Red Turtle 25) Pourquoi j'ai pas mangé mon père 26) La confrérie des larmes 27) Les éblouis (Bande originale du film) 28) Zarafa (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 29) Monotonal Red 30) La Tortue Rouge (Musique Originale) 31) I Kill Giants (Expanded) 32) Carole Matthieu 33) La Tortue Rouge (The Red Turtle) (Musique Originale) 34) Mme Mills, une Voisine si Parfaite 35) レッドタートル ある島の物語 サウンドトラック 36) Maintenant Ou Jamais 37) Antigang 38) La tortue rouge OST 39) La Tortue Rouge Edition Prestige Musique Originale 40) Le Tortue Rouge 41) I Kill Giants: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 42) La tortue rouge (aka Red turtle) 43) Recordings 44) Le Mystère Henri Pick 45) Laurent Perez Del Mar 46) A Loucura Entre Nуs 47) Red Turtle: Aru Shima no Monogatari Soundtrack 48) Mme Mills, une Voisine si Parfaite OST 49) Loulou, l'incroyable secret 50) Into Obscurity: Music for a Veteran Musician

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