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Frogtoon Music - Biograf�a de LAZER VIKING

Tags de m�sica para LAZER VIKING

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Czech Republic

Slop Pop

Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Mejores Temas de LAZER VIKING

1) Everyone But U 2) Less Than Three 3) Waiting for the End of the End of the World 4) A Real Keeper 5) The Last Waltz 6) Piss & Vinegar 7) Hum & Rattle 8) MONUMENT OF DOUBT 9) Partnerless in Crime 10) Figure 8 11) How to Be Happy 12) The Ballad of Mankind 13) TYPICAL GRLZ 14) I Wanna Be on Chic-a-go-go 15) Do Something About It 16) AFTER THE SLAUGHTER 17) NEW YORK CITY IS BURNING 18) Waiting for the End of the World 19) THE LATEST CRAZE 20) Turnstile Hearts 21) EVERYTHING SPELLED WRONG 22) Bruce Springsteen's Suicide Note 23) BECAUSE IT LOVES YOU 24) TROPHY SCARS 25) MARCH ON ECLECTIC CHILDREN 26) THE Z STREET SHUFFLE 27) THE PIZZA RAT'S LAST SLICE 28) Paternoster Session 29) Boyz 30) The Perverse Universe Of The Hearse's Diverse Verse (BLACK COFFEE SESSION) 31) Finishing Jubilee Street

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