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Frogtoon Music - Biograf�a de BARGOU 08

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North African Music



Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Mejores Temas de BARGOU 08

1) Mamchout 2) CHECH EL KHATER 3) Le min ijina 4) Wazzaa 5) Tarjaachi layem 6) Hezzi haremek 7) Dek Biya 8) Roddih 9) Sidi el kadhi 10) Lasmar khouya 11) Sidi El Khadi 12) Roddih ..... 13) Chech Ek Khater 14) Mamchout Ghmara 15) Chech El Kater 16) Wazaa 17) Le Min Ljina 18) Khouya n7ebbou 19) Roddith 20) Check el Khater 21) Hezzi Hramek هزي حرامك 22) Mamchout Ghmara (Sauvage FM Moombahton Remix) 23) Tarjaachi Layem [Targ (Glitterbeat)] 24) Le Min Ijina [Targ (Glitterbeat)] 25) Live at the 2015 Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak 26) Live at WOMEX 27) Chech Ek Khater (I might be a stranger but I wouldn't do you wrong) 28) Dek Biya (Since you're gone, you became my illness, please find my remedy) 29) Tarjaachi Layem (Would those days come back, and you stay with me forever?) 30) Sidi El Kadhi (My fragile heart can't take more, the days feel longer) 31) Roddih (Give it back, you took away my mind) 32) Sidi El Kadhi [Glitterbeat] // Tunisia 33) Le Min Ijina (Oh my beauty, shall I wait for you or go home) 34) Mamchout (Her brushed hair pulsating like an eagle feather) 35) Wazzaa (Despite the mountain between us, I still love her) 36) 01 chech el khater 37) YA MIN IJINIA - LIVE AT JOURNEE MUSICALES DE CARTHAGE - TUNIS 38) Hezzi Haremek (A fire turn off another, but the one in my heart remains) 39) Front Musical Populaire 40) Tarjaachi Layem [Glitterbeat Records] // Germany 41) Taarjachi Layem 42) Ya Min Ijina 43) Ya Min Ijina ( Live At Journées Musicales De Carthage ) 44) Hezzi Hramek

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