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Frogtoon Music - Biograf�a de Ambrosia

Ambrosia fue una banda norteamericana formada en 1971 en Los Angeles, California. Este cuarteto, cuyos miembros fundadores incluian al guitarrista/vocalista David Pack, el bajista/vocalista Joe Puerta, el tecladista Christopher North y el baterista Burleigh Drummond; fusiono el llamado rock sinfonico junto a un elegante pop de calidad que sonaba excelente en aquellos años '70, y a pesar de ser una banda de "segundo orden" hicieron un par de discos excelentes que aun resisten gozosas escuchas.

Tags de m�sica para Ambrosia

Soft Rock

Classic Rock

Progressive Rock



Frogtoon Music

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Frogtoon Music - Mejores Temas de Ambrosia

1) Biggest Part of Me 2) How Much I Feel 3) You're the Only Woman 4) Biggest Part Of Love 5) Holdin' On to Yesterday 6) You're The Only Woman - You & I 7) Nice, Nice, Very Nice 8) You're The Only Woman (You & I) 9) Biggest Part Of Me (Album Version) 10) You're The Only Woman (You & I) (Remastered Version) 11) How Much I Feel (Remastered Version) 12) Rain is Salvation for Desert Earth 13) Biggest Part Of Me - Remastered Version 14) Time Waits for No One 15) Livin' On My Own 16) That's How Much I Love You 17) Entropy is Justice 18) Life Beyond L.A. 19) How Much I Feel - Remastered Version 20) Drink of Water 21) Make Us All Aware 22) World Leave Me Alone 23) Lover Arrive 24) Biggest Part Of Me (Remastered Version) 25) Inside Your Arms 26) I Just Can't Let Go 27) Mama Frog 28) Dancin' by Myself 29) The Thought That Erased Them All 30) A Reminescent Drive 31) You're The Only Woman - You & I Remastered Version 32) Heart To Heart 33) Angola 34) How Can You Love Me 35) Somewhere I've Never Travelled 36) Still Not Satisfied 37) Mama Don't Understand 38) And...Somewhere I've Never Travelled 39) A Reminiscent Drive 40) Harvey 41) How Much I Feel [Album Version] 42) Magical Mystery Tour 43) I Wanna Know 44) Shape I'm In 45) Ready 46) Cowboy Star 47) We Need You Too 48) Apothecary 49) Kamikaze 50) If Heaven Could Find Me

Frogtoon Music - 50 Mejores Albumes de Ambrosia

1) Anthology 2) One Eighty 3) Life Beyond L.A. 4) The Essentials: Ambrosia 5) Ambrosia 6) Rhino Hi Five: Ambrosia 7) The Concept of Illusional Time 8) Late Night Tales presents Music For Pleasure (selected and mixed by Groove Armada's Tom Findlay) 9) Air Groove 85.5MHz 10) Somewhere I've Never Travelled 11) (null) 12) Live 13) Road Island 14) The Essentials 15) Road Island (US Internet Release) 16) Hotel Costes - Etage 3 17) Rhino Hi Five: Ambrosia - EP 18) Ambrosia: Anthology 19) How Much I Feel & Other Hits 20) We Who With Music Beguile Your Pilgrimage to the Unknown 21) Late Night Tales: Music For Pleasure 22) Billboard Top 100 of 1980 23) Live at the Galaxy 24) Late Night Tales Presents Music For Pleasure 25) Ambrosia: Greatest Hits (The Biggest Part of Me) 26) Revolutions In Sound: Warner Bros. Records - The First Fifty Years 27) Biggest Part Of Me / Livin' On My Own [Digital 45] 28) How Much I Feel/Ready For Camarillo (Digital 45) 29) LateNightTales presents Music For Pleasure 30) How Much I Feel / Ready For Camarillo [Digital 45] 31) Rhino Hi Five: Ambrosia (US Release) 32) Re-Records 33) Biggest Part Of Me 34) Greatest Hits 35) Danny Krivit: In the House 36) Arthur - The Album [Original Soundtrack] 37) Somewhere I've Never Traveled 38) Late Night Tales presents Music For Pleasure (selected and mixed by Groove Armada's Tom Fin 39) Biggest Part Of Me / Livin' On My Own (Digital 45) 40) F COMM Essentials     41) Billboard Top 100 of 1979 42) Rhino Hi-Five: Ambrosia 43) Biggest Part Of Me (Re-Recorded / Remastered) 44) So Into You: The '70s In Concert 45) Music for Pleasure 46) Megasoft Office 1998 47) Danny Krivit: In the House (disc 1) 48) Ambrosia: Greatest Hits 49) The Ultimate Rock Ballads Collection: Burning Heart [Disc 1] 50) Global Underground 007: Paul Oakenfold in New York

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